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Finally letting go.


Letting go is one of the hardest things to do, especially for me. I thought putting all my bad experiences and heartaches into a little box in my head, would make things a lot better than dealing with it. I find myself bringing up the situation(s) every now and then, crying about it and feeling sorry for myself. I don’t talk about it for pity, I talk about it just because it’s still there… in my head… lingering around. It’s about that time to get on with my life, to take that box in my head and finally let go. Dealing with extreme situations is NOT my specialty, not with myself anyways. I don’t talk in detail about it, I don’t deal with it… Ever since I could remember I have always said “It is what it is”. Not the best way to deal with things, but it has worked for me. Yes, I might bring it up once in a blue moon but I didn’t go crazy about it. I didn’t fall into depression nor did or do I feel the need to constantly talk about it. Everyone has their own quirks on how to deal with their own situations, that was mine. After a lot of thinking and trying to understand, I believe it’s definitely time to let go of whatever is left. It works out great for me… I don’t need to talk about, I don’t need to deal with it, I don’t need to bring it up on an occasion. It has taken me a very long time to realize this! Seems so simple. This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, either way it needs to be done and it needs to be done right. 

Here’s to a New Year with new beginnings!


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Won’t be left behind.

I run my fastest
But still bet beat.
I land on my head
When I should be on my feet.
I try to move forward,
But I am stuck in rewind.
Why do I keep at it?
I won’t be left behind.

The harder I am thrown,
The higher I bounce.
I give it my all,
And that’s all that counts.
In first place,
Myself, I seldom find.
So I push to the limit,
I won’t be left behind.

Some people tell me you can’t,
Some say don’t.
Some simply give up.
I reply, I won’t.
The power is here,
Locked away in my mind.
My perseverance is my excellence,
I won’t be left behind.

Make the best of each moment,
The future is soon the past.
The more I tell myself this,
The less I come in last.
Throughout my competitions,
I’ve learned what winning is all about.
A plain and clear lesson,
Giving up is the easy way out.

So every night before I go to bed,
I hope in a small way I have shined.
Tomorrow is a brand-new day,
And I won’t be left behind.

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You can say that again. 

You can say that again. 

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OMG. o_o I just went blind. 

OMG. o_o I just went blind. 


Since being in the United States, there have been so many deaths in my family I think I’d rather not even count. Sad thing about it is… I haven’t been there for any of them. I didn’t get my chance to say goodbye, I didn’t get my chance to give them one last kiss. I’m not blaming anyone. I would of just loved to have been there for them, and for my family during those hard times. I never had to feel the feeling of losing someone before, not until I decided to leave my moms home and run away. I’m happy that my family is huge. They needed the support, the love, the family gatherings. The recent passing was my Papa, man was he a character! Sometimes I might of not understood him because of his old age but he loved to talk. I always enjoyed just listening to him. He loved to make everyone laugh, but mostly he loved to eat. For a old skinny man, he can seriously pack down some food. I got the chance to speak with him a few days before he passed, luckily I actually did talk to him because my mom called me and I was annoyed with her, didn’t really want to talk. I always feel bad for feeling that, for feeling like I didn’t want to talk to my Papa at that point in time when I knew he was sick. Anyways, I spoke to him and he started talking to me about how he wanted to take a trip with me to the Cook Islands. He kept saying “I love and miss you” and “Sania, when am I going to see you”. It sadden my heart to hear him saying that, knowing I wouldn’t be able too. But I went along with what he wanted, just to make him happy. He lived in our family home that has been in our family for…. years. Years before I was born, when my grandma was alive. She passed the year I was born, I’m not sure if I ever got to meet her but I know she gave me my middle name. I’m always proud that she gave me something, something that will be with me forever. My papa was without her for 23 years, I’m pretty sure they both are happy to be reunited again as one. There was a huge debate on where he should be burried, I thought he should of been reunited next to grandma in the CookIslands. He was rightfully suppose to be next to her but instead he stayed in New Zealand. Papa was a happy man but I knew there was always something missing, he missed grandma. Before his passing, my cousin shot a video of him telling the family of how he met my grandma. I watch it all the time and it ALWAYS brings tears to my eyes… he also has a star tattoo on his hand by his thumb that he told a story about too. Made everyone there laugh, as expected. I do wish both of them were here, so bad. Or at least in my dreams… I hear about people having dreams about their family members all the time. I hope one day, that will happen to me. Unexpected deaths in the family are the hardest, they seem perfectly fine one day….then the next their gone. Just like that. Maybe it is good that I left, kept my distance. I don’t know how I would of felt or would of done being around home with everything going on. I went back to New Zealand, Oct 2011. The first thing I did after being picked up from the airport was the cemetery. Visiting all of the graves of family members that were there, it was hard. Starring down… one by one I pass all of them… giving them my love, my kisses. I visited my papa’s last, I wanted to spend a longer time with him. Of course, I balled my eyes out. Gave him lots and lots of kisses… telling him I will see him and grandma again one day. I know they are all looking down on us, making sure they don’t miss a thing. Rest in peace to all my family members up in heaven, until we meet again.


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This is 40 Red Band Trailer from Paul Rudd


‘This is 40’ Red Band Trailer

There are so many laughs, you will misss the other laughs!! buahahaha